I'm building a toolkit to help people make more music.

I'm building a toolkit to help people make more music.

Hi, my name is Mike.

I run minimum.studio together with Youssef, a product studio that builds great low-code software for early stage entrepreneurs.

In my spare time, I am a terribly under-skilled wannabe musician. Sometimes I get around to finish a track for Hemlock, an indie duo I started with a friend.


I'm trying to build something great in 100 days. Find my latest insights in the 📅Weekly updates. Read on to learn some more about the problem I'm trying to solve.

The problem 💢

At least 90% of people who make music are doing so part-time. Sadly, making music is known not to be a very profitable endeavour, so people generally have jobs or side hustles while they work on their craft. That makes it hard to create music on a consistent basis.

I know for a fact that making music makes me happy and gives me a sense of fulfillment I can't get anywhere else. Getting better at making music is even higher up on that list. Somehow, there are still moments where I didn't create anything for weeks.

Unfortunately we're all human, and you can see this everywhere; we all know what makes us feel better - we just have a hard time doing it consistently. It doesn't matter whether it's meditation, quitting smoking or in this case, making art. It feels like it boils down to a few factors:

  • Lack of habit & routine

If there's no deeply ingrained habit related to making music, it's all dependent on spontaneous moments. These can easily disappear during busy times.

  • Getting into a creative state is difficult

Everyone gets writers' block. Especially when switching from a more 'productive' state of mind, it can be hard to get into a creative flow.

  • It's hard to be inspired at the right time

Inspiration doesn't always come to you at the right time - I often get inspired at moments when I'm not making anything, just to sit down with no ideas when I'm in the right spot to do something with it.

  • Unrealistic expectations

You see the amazing stuff other people put out, but you don't see the process that went into it. It's easy to get overwhelmed by being unrealistic about your output.

The (rough) idea 🎨

My initial hunch is to build a really simple online community where:

  • You set your intention at the beginning of the week, like experiment with chord progressions, or make a beat with this sample.
  • If you don't have inspiration, you can draw from a library of proven exercises to set an intention.
  • You upload anything at the end of the week as evidence: a video, audio file, picture, even lyrics. It's not meant to impress - it's as work in progress as it gets.
  • Because other members can see your intention, you can point each other to the right resources or inspiration to help each other progress.
  • Every week counts towards your streak 💎, which is visible to everyone.

With a few more roughly defined options:

  • Other members of the community can see your upload, but only if they've also uploaded something that week.
  • Planning an accountability session with someone else on the platform, during which you go make music for a few hours & come back later to talk about what you did.
  • Starting a challenge where someone starts a beat/song and invites people to add something to it - if they don't for too long, the song disappears. (Thanks Dan!)
  • Doing something more tangible like '12 songs in 12 weeks' (Thanks Jelmer!)

Approach 🛠

I'll focus on checking off a few boxes in this 100-day challenge:

I'll showcase the ultimate low-code stack - I will start with a simple prototype, then work my way towards a crazy low-code stack, tying together Webflow, Bubble, Adalo and possibly Airtable.

I'll eat my own dog food - I will be test case #0 for all of this and will be actively checking whether I've found a solution that really works.

I'll design a new UI kit for minimum.studio as I go - I'll be working on a new design system for the studio and use it for building the community apps.

Links and resources

The product 👀

Weekly updates
Make More Music together.

🎨 Designs & Ideas

My todo's

Define problems
Get some feedback on this page
Add Mailchimp for email updates
Visualize problems & ideas
Mess around with colors/visual elements because you can't help it
Finish website
Announcement tweet
Run problems through a few frameworks to refine
Define prototype for myself
Map out flows & toolkit
Build prototype
Define research & channels
Gather alllll the tips & ideas from reddit (current solutions)
Make simple Notion page with proposition / hypothesis.
Pre-signup list (telegram)
Post on reddit community
Make a list of Discord communities
Reach out to Reddit post authors struggling with writers' block.
Work through the two 'angles' visually
Share first streaks / weekly results
Design mini-prototype
Talk to users about habit tracker
Talk to users about email list
Work out tech stack
Set up mini roadmap
Research "music writers' block" SEO/SEA stats
Research blog authors / influencers who talk about productivity in music.
Test V1 MVP with current group

Build Roadmap

Profiles/marketplace for finding collabs
Skip File upload limit
Prompts for creative space 😊
Ask for stems
Download audio of video upload
Award certain submissions
Add specific time blocks to setting intention
Automatic avatar creation for users & groups
Send inspiration on time blocks?
Automate weekly schedule
Illustrations / Style
Growth: participate in /beatdaily, /songaweek, use MMM sharelinks.
Mac & web app for uploads
Not started
Invite signed up users to V2
30d keys challenge
Public challenges
Exercises → Link to onboarding
Build script to randomize airtable
Get updates on new exercises
Highlight tabs
Publish to App Store
Feedback links on main feed
Notifications & Settings
Single-player challenges
Responsive web version
Support for multiple groups
New onboarding flow
Alerts when people sign up
Grab Exercises in-app
Share submission on social
'i want feedback on this'
Build admin
Admin: reset experiments every week
Landing page + domains
Share landing page within communities
Softr prototype for Exercises
Move from dev to live
Group Feed
Logging sessions
Set your intention
Joining the #OGmakemoremusic group
Share your session/file / telegram api?