Make More Music together.

Make More Music together.

There's no shortcuts to creating good music. It just comes down to doing it over and over and over again. Unfortunately, with other things to do, it's hard to keep working on music consistently.

We're building a free community of part-time musicians that help each other stay accountable get over writers' block together and develop a healthy routine.

How it works

πŸ™‹ Stay accountable by sharing your mini-projects with the group on a weekly basis.

Every Monday, you'll receive a message asking for an experiment you'd like to run during the week, like β€˜add a chorus to this song that I’m working on’ or 'flip this sample'. The following day, everyone's experiments are shared openly with the group.

✍️ Get over writers' block by drawing from an endless list of musical exercises.

If you don't have an idea on what to work on this week, you can choose from an endless list of exercises to help you do songwriting, producing, sound design, master your instrument or simply have fun.

πŸ’Ž Develop a routine by sharing your works-in-progress and build up your streak.

At the end of every week, you can upload an audio file, video, image or piece of text to show the group you've worked on music. It's not about sharing polished work or impressing people; it's simply about working on music every week. Keep this up consistently and work on your streak together πŸ’Ž

Join the community

We're building up a list of people to join the community - it's free and open to all skill levels - the only thing we ask is that you're ready to commit.

We are currently hosting the community on Telegram - send me a message to join πŸ‘‹